Research Scientist


Research Scientists support or lead projects to engineer proteins with novel or improved functionality. This includes developing high-throughput assays of protein function (e.g. stability or enzymatic activity), high-throughput expression systems for highly heterologous proteins, and working with our computational team to design new protein sequences.


  • Develop high-throughput assays, in various formats, for measuring properties of candidate proteins.
  • Develop expression systems (microbial, cell-free, or eukaryotic cell) for high-throughput protein expression.
  • Characterize proteins as part of our design-build-test cycle.
  • Assist in analyzing prospective projects from a biochemical perspective and help to draft proposals for partners/clients.
  • Communicate results within the company and to external partners.
  • Be a productive collaborator in our company.


  • General molecular biology, including cloning and protein expression/purification
  • Assay development, standardization, and communication
  • Design and execution of high-throughput sequencing experiments
  • Experience with quantitative data analysis and/or programming (R, Python, etc)
  • Familiarity with laboratory automation (e.g. robotic liquid handlers)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work and solve problems in interdisciplinary teams
  • Self-motivated and curious with a strong desire for continuous learning

Required Education, Experience and Certifications:

  • Education: A PhD in a related field (biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, bioengineering, etc) is required.
  • Experience: The ideal candidate will have several years of experience leading projects post-PhD, e.g. as an industry scientist or academic postdoc

Required Documents:

  • Resume or CV, including a list of at least 3 references with contact information

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