Making impossible difficult and difficult possible.

Like-minded entities working together to find world-changing solutions.

To realize the impact and potential of our Natural Machines, we need partners who share our vision for a better world and a commitment to the breakthrough approaches required to get there. Our Natural Machines are next-generation proteins that can be tailored across functions and our fast-lane design-build-test cycles enable commercial-scale solutions that unlock new products and IP for our partners.

Partnering with Evozyne enables:

Molecules that perform in ways not imagined

Our platform is capable of creating molecules that surpass the limit of performance that has been achieved thus far. We can make proteins that work in atypical environments; we can obtain targeted improvements in functional performance that mirrors the capabilities of natural evolution; and we can generate large ensembles of solutions that meet the design parameters.

New product innovation

Our models identify adaptive regions in proteins to unlock optimization of multiple parameters and to create new functions, such as optimizing reactions, switching substrate specificity and expression in specific host systems. This helps transcend the capabilities of both current technologies and natural evolution to create novel molecules that can solve real-world problems.

Accelerated research and development

Our models allow us to identify and rapidly search a productive protein design space to yield thousands of functional molecules – an efficient engineering process that can find solutions with fewer iterations. Typical design cycles are on the order of weeks, with full protein optimization projects possible in a few months.

Commercial success

Our process yields a library of solutions that meet the target design goals. Any or all these designs can be tested in real-world products and processes and can be further optimized for application-specific idiosyncrasies. Together with our partners, we achieve these goals not just in the lab but at commercial scale to increases the project's overall probability of success.

New intellectual property

Our protein designs can achieve desired performance levels with vast sequence diversity. These characteristics provide unique potential for new intellectual property.