Natural machines

Working with newfound power.

Everything Evozyne makes is a Natural Machine. A Natural Machine is built by evolution to survive and reproduce in unpredictable and hostile environments, and it continues to adapt as environments change. Because we have learned the rules of evolution, rules previously thought not to exist, we are able to make next generation proteins that are, in fact, Natural Machines.

Evozyne’s Natural Machines are built from differentiated protein designs. These are high performance, adaptive machines that have exceptionally advanced functionality in a variety of conditions. Even though our Natural Machines have a wide range of applications, focus drives results. Right now, can make the greatest impact in therapeutics and the environment.

Results from our partnership

Designed proteins with a range of mutations (13‑279+) in “non‑obvious” places that robustly enhanced the function of the protein.

These mutations would not have been uncovered with a traditional protein design approach.

Evozyne delivered novel proteins within six months vs. traditional drug discovery which takes one to two years.

Combining decades of research with successful commercial partnerships.

Developing functional miniaturized genes that may aid in overcoming size constraints of viral vectors.

This would not have been possible with a traditional protein design approach.

Natural Machines
in development



Gene therapy

A portfolio of high-performance gene editors.



Antibodies that out-evolve evolution.



Carbon capture

The most robust and efficient enzyme to capture CO2.



Battery technology

Unlocking the potential of ultra-high-density batteries.


Enzymatic recycling

An environment first solution to plastic bottle recycling.