We believe there is a better way.

Proteins make living things work. Our mission is to make novel proteins that can solve critical problems. So, we built upon the science that came before us with a new idea. And we looked to evolution to guide us. In doing so, we uncovered new information about how Nature works and found a simple set of principles that explain how proteins work. This transformed what we know and can now do with proteins.

These rules allow us to analyze what Nature has built, generate what Nature has built, and then engineer novel proteins. Because of this, Evozyne can make adaptive, high-performance proteins—what we call Natural Machines.

A fundamentally different approach

Physics-based design informed by structure

Uses computational chemistry to make changes to the protein structure to guide new protein design.


Does not always require high-throughput assays and effective at producing stable proteins.


Requires an understanding of protein structures and how they fold—a challenge for many protein families.

Is computationally intensive.

Random design using directed evolution

Induces steps of random changes to the protein to steadily improve function.


Effective at designing gradual improvement of functions starting from specific sequences.


Very local exploration of sequence space.

Challenging to optimize over multiple parameters simultaneously.


Rational design based on Nature’s rules

Uncovers how Nature designs proteins to guide a rational search of a vast design space to build novel proteins.


Explores the impact of changes throughout a protein to unlock the full potential of the structure.

Optimizes multiple parameters simultaneously.

Generates a large space of functional protein solutions with extraordinary diversity.